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  WHO IS Alain Blais?
Over the past 15 years, Alain Blais has built one of the most famous companies you've never heard of - RYS Group - and has invested well over a decade helping others take their businesses to the next level. 

RYS specializes in being the "back-office" to authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and has been the leading force behind many world-class events and business power-houses. 
"Not your every day, junk filled newsletter! Al's articles always feel like he's talking right at me, telling me exactly what I need to hear to grow as a person, or take my business to the next level." - Melanie Dupuis
Alain Blais has been finding creative ways to be of service since he was 11 years old. From mowing lawns for little old ladies, to redesigning the complete warehouse system for a multi-million dollar company, to growing Ontario's largest weight loss studio, he's always had the ability to spot a problem, provide a solution - and most importantly - market his services. 

From a very early age, whenever he wasn't growing his Karate trophy collection, he was obsessively studying the work of Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Jay Conrad Levinson, and let's not forget all but memorizing the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

Alain prides himself on being the underdog, the one who's willing to get in the trenches and figure out how to make a business work long after others have given up on it. 

Through his relentless belief in self-education, and his continuous desire to learn, grow and improve his skills, he's managed to make quite a name for himself in the marketing world. 
In elementary school, Al had his first taste at success - and it's challenges - when he started Al's Complete Yard Care, and at the young age of 11 years old, pulled a cart containing his mower, weed-wacker, fuel and necessary tools from lawn to lawn, leaving behind perfectly manicured lawns and happy clients. This gave Al the desire to serve on a greater scale. 

From there, he bounced around between several business ideas, some successful, some great learning opportunities, until he hit it out of the park with his Kickboxing studio. After realizing the great need for a fun (meaning NOT boring) way to lose weight, he specialized in it and become Ontario's largest weight lost focused fitness studio in just a few short years.

Alain expanded his studio's location multiple times over, doubling it's client base year over year for several years in a row, before finally retiring and selling the studio. A few short months later, 7 to be exact, Alain receives the news that the new owner is shutting down the business. Refusing to see his "baby" close, he negotiated a deal to take over the operations once again, only to realize the previously booming business was nearly dead! 

In less than a year, Al brought the business back to where it was when he ran it before, and in 2 years increased it another 35%, reaching an all time high. He then sold it again, this time for good. 

From there, he started his business consultancy, and went on to work for mega-clients such as the world's greatest (and highest paid) motivational speaker Les Brown. Today, Al runs a full-service agency that specializes in handling the back-end needs of speakers, authors and entrepreneurs. From marketing, branding and growth-hacking, RYS Group does it all.  
RYS Group Inc.
RYS Group has been the marketing force behind many big-name brands, celebrities and entrepreneurs for over 15 years and continues to live by it's acronym - RYS - which stands for Raise Your Standards. 

In life and business, you're either improving or you're falling behind - and we choose on a daily basis to step up our game, rise [rys] up and raise our standards. 
Al is a family man through and through. His wife Koral, along with his three beautiful children Baron (8), Lincoln (7) and Sariah (5) are the guiding light, the reason why, and the true measure of success in his life. 

Al believes that, as entrepreneurs, we have the ability to build a business that supports the lifestyle of your choice - and for him, that's time with those that matter most in life: his family.
The Blais Family, left to right Baron, Lincoln and Sariah. Goofy smiles all around :) 
Al's Book Philosophy Is Simple... The Reader Must Want To Highlight Something Powerful On Every Page!
Lessons From The Trenches
The Underdog's Manifesto To Business Greatness 
It's not about getting more traffic to your website or increasing conversions, yet these secrets will do EXACTLY that and more. Dotcom Secrets is a shortcut. It's a playbook that tackles the underlying symptoms of low traffic and conversions to exponentially grow your company online.
Oh, For Fats Sake!
The Ultimate Weight Loss Hacking Instructional
The definitive guide to losing the fat, once and for all, when enough is enough. If you've been struggling to keep the lights on in the bedroom, to  jump into the pool with your kids, or just walk up to that special someone and break the ice - all because you're not confident in your body - you need this book. This is a direct, no BS, to the point, no sugar-coating kind of book that won't hold any punches back, but will leave you feeling fucking amazing. Yes, I used an adult word, because you're an adult now, own your life and make it truly yours, body and all. 
Ya, ya... the world wide web is where it's at and everything else doesn't work. Or does it? Join Al as he teaches key strategies and tactics he uses with major success in both online and offline businesses to take your business or product from virtually unknown, to a house hold name. 

The Seed Marketing Show is all about proving you with short, action packed ideas on how to plant the seed in the mind of your prospect, and nurture that seed until it flourishes into an endless supply of business. 
Hire Al
Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements
Due to Al's schedule and demand, we've listed a few of Alain Blais' fees below to "filter through the crowd" the tire kickers. If you're serious about transforming your business, putting on a kick-butt and packed event, or want to have your audience engaged and turned into raving fans through Al's keynotes, reach out today:
  • A Day With Al - (Insights from Al, directly for you) Starts at $4,500 at his office in Sudbury, Ontario. Travel expenses are to be covered should an on-site visit be requested. 
  • Speaking Engagements - $12,000 for a 45 minute keynote, catered to your audience.
  • Complete Marketing Growth Strategy - $125,000
Al specializes in 3 key points: 

1 - Creating, marketing and SELLING OUT live events. From the initial planning, to asset creation, to pricing strategy and marketing, Al's expertise guarantees your event will be a big hit for your audience, and a big win for your pocket book. 

2 - Growing steady or stagnant businesses, or turning around failing ones. Through his no-nonsense approach, Al's excels at helping steady, or worse stagnant, businesses break through plateaus and hit new heights. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where a business is about to collapse, Al can find creative ways to give it a second life - and a lucrative one at that. 

3 - Inspiring change, and the belief to do it, through his writings and speaking. Al is passionate about motivating others and inspiring people to live their lives to the max. 
Active Courses You Can Join
Product Launch Protocols
Building 6-Figure Launches
Learn How To Make Serious Money With Product Launches  While Getting An "Over-The-Shoulder" Look Into  
The Planning And Execution Of A Real 6 Figure Launch. 

This Isn't Theoretical "Stage-Promises", This Is Learning By Actually Doing.
First We Teach The Module In Full Detail, Then You Participate As We Apply The Lesson To An Actual Product Launch In Real Time, And Then We Apply The Lesson To Your Business So You Can Reap The Rewards On The Spot.  

If you...

- Own a business, but are struggling to scale and grow your business, or have hit a sales plateau and want to break through...

- Own a business, and want to launch a new product line or service...

- Don't own a business, but have an idea for one and want to start it off on the right foot (with a 6 figure win, right out of the gate)...

- ​Have an invention and want to bring it to the market in record time, and with pre-sales to boot...
- Have a dream of writing a book, becoming a coach, or traveling the world as a professional speaker, but are struggling to break through the noise...

... then you will want to pay close attention to this course. 

You'll learn...

- Why the old approach to achieving "the rich life" doesn't work anymore, and how most people get into business only to lose their business, their shirt, and often their minds.

- The heavily pushed "digital marketing" space is crowded and where businesses go to die (unless you know what you're doing) and should be avoided at all cost.

- Why the big-winners are using The New Product Launch Protocols for The Modern World to launch ideas, products and businesses in record time, and often bringing in 6 and 7 figure profits from the start, many times in less than 24 hours. 
Local Marketing Success
The Keys To Growing A Locally Owned Business
One Seminar...  Hundreds Of Tactics 

Local Marketing Success is a one day, 4 hour seminar jam-packed with actionable, applicable and effective marketing ideas you can use in YOUR locally owned business.
Many of these ideas will be low cost, often free, and don't require any advanced skills or staff.
When you attend Local Marketing Success, you'll learn...
 How to maximize the Not-For-Profit Loophole
 How to acquire floods of new local leads, for FREE!
 How to get FREE radio, television and print coverage.
​How to "outwitt" the competition.
​Marketing on a low (or non-existent) budget.
How to avoid costly marketing mistakes that are robbing you broke.
 How to stand out in a sea of copy-cat competitors.
 How to stay at the TOP of your customers mind.
 How to get "in" with the city.
​How to prevent banner-blindness.
​How to have your customers clawing over each other for YOU!
​And so many more cash-magnet marketing tips, tricks and tactics for your business. 
"If you need marketing, 
Al is your guy!" 
- Les Brown
Who is Alain Blais?

Alain is a family man, keynote speaker, published author and serial entrepreneur who specializes in results-driven marketing. 

For nearly two decades, Alain Blais has been in the trenches, putting his own money on the line building and growing his own businesses, as well as his clients. 

The lessons he's learned - and now teaches around the world, we're acquired as a bloody-nosed fighting entrepreneur, and not as a rosy-cheeked academic hiding in a classroom.

He's consulted, advised and been involved in building a large variety of client businesses and brands, from fast food restaurants like Dairy Queen, to celebrities like Les Brown.
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